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Commissioned to perform

Commissioning is the act of requesting the creation of a piece of art.

Commissioning an artwork allows a collector to be involved in the creative process with the result being a uniquely personal piece of art.

During the Renaissance commissioning art conveyed wealth and status. Rich merchants and government officials commissioned portraits to give their position in society a boost. This is driven by the desire to immortalize oneself in a painting. But this also gave the artist a chance to showcase his ability and an opportunity to establish his career as an artist.

The society throughout history has always been greatly influenced by art on commission. It allowed artists to develop new techniques, to influencing artistic movements and making political statements. This makes a closer look at the history of art on commission exciting.

And very useful at times! If you did not get the last bid in an auction, you now can have the genuine next best art experience created by a master exclusively for you, performed on top of a century old oil painting. You now can buy into a century old piece of art and experience the impression of a masterpiece you always had the desire to enjoy and wanted to have in your own possession.

Such an Art Installation commissioned can be even more personal since a desired impressionist is painted back into the collector’s own future to inspire and provide the beauty of light and colours on the Cote d’Azur, to bring back memories and touch on emotions.

This very personal Art Installation can be commissioned only once in a collector’s lifetime with all the flair that goes with it, to touch, feel and smell a genuine oil painting, pleasing with desired impressionist art performed exclusively for an eligible collector. The 100-year-old original builds the base. The process of hand painting a new layer right on top of it will turn such an installation into a secret treasure for a collector, hiding the base from the eyes of rest of the world through a new layer of the desired masterpiece impression.

Throughout history there have been many artists working on commission. The Spanish government commissioned Pablo Picasso to create a piece to commemorate the bombings of Guernica which now is one of the most powerful anti-war paintings in history.

Also, Andy Warhol did not refuse good opportunities to create art on commission. He started this way at the beginning of the 1960s to quickly became his main source of income. Many of his subjects were famous icons which allowed him to capture the essence of celebrities like Bardot, Diana Ross, Elvis, Lennon, Liz Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Monroe, and Mick Jagger. But also lesser know subjects which are now worth millions.

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