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Unique Digital Art-NFTs

Finding the Potential in NFT art

If you have the funds, an art investment can add beauty and value to your home. It can really increase its value by focusing on unique pieces and rare items in traditional art, or in the emerging art-NFT market.

With digitalization, new ways to generate and to collect art appear every day. Looking at history of creating and collecting art over thousands of years, there was not much of an evolution in the technical side of it. But now, everything changes and advances at every increasing pace as never seen in history before. There was no Google before September 4, 1998. But look at how quickly and drastically our behavioural environment has changed in less than 25 years. Nobody should be surprised that generating art and collecting art will change in the very near future. Possibly already in this generation - completely.

The Art Market is undergoing substantial changes. The rapid evolution of digital solutions, the pandemic and a recently changed geo-political situation reflect on the Art market. With such developments evolving it is no wonder that the future of the world of art will fundamentally change in its basics, how galleries and museums work and visionaries collect tomorrow. There is plenty of room for creativity and space for possibilities.

Already now you can physically possess one hundred-year-old genuine art which combines radical ideas of performing art and beaming masterpieces into the future using digital art connecting the traditional way of Art Collecting with a not so distant, but completely changed future of the art market. Little values will remain unchanged – as mankind adopts to the future almost at the speed of light.

The Beauty Art has no specific purpose. It can be considered decorative, volatile and be emotional. Although art's function is difficult to define, it is amazing, and our life would be dull without art and some crazy artists. Others see Investment Potential in collecting rare coins, or stamps. Some also love antiques, furniture, or even property, and others fall in love with paintings.

In the South of France art collectives have recently re-discovered the combination of an impressionist work of art, turning a two-layer century old oil painting into an NFT project which combines all aspects for future value appreciation. An art loving investor commissions the combination of traditional and digital art, each uniquely identified and officially registered, excluding a repetition or replication to make it a “one-off”. Each installation has its own a hidden story. Investment potential in the traditional art market and on the blockchain.

While every investment comes with risks, why would anyone invest in art when it is so subjective? Once you can see the beauty of art, it can be a good idea to invest in it. And now the NFTs have arisen as a hot topic. Social media drives this trend. This dynamic is going to continue for a while with the market doubling year by year. It is unclear how the impending energy crisis will impact the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Right now, the market dictates the rules and high profits and popularity attract art lovers and art investors. Particularly those who made some money or a fortune with cryptocurrencies are the first to also invest in art on the blockchain. All major auction houses started to be involved. Right now, NFT galleries and marketplaces pop up everywhere.

But it is quite a vulnerable and unpredictable sector. There are risk factors that can disturb the trend such as government restrictions, failures of platforms and possible changes in trends. Numerous other elements, such as the demand for specific market segments, the historically underappreciated significance of a given artist whose fame is on the rise might have an impact on an investors' perspectives. Many collectors invest in objects they are genuinely passionate about. Purchase what you really like, and it can end up being your finest investment. And if the worst case arises, you still can enjoy the beauty of it.

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