The Beauty of Art and these Rules guarantee the Potential for future Value Appreciation!

Rule Number 1 – Once in a Lifetime only.

An Art Collector will never be able to order a second one. This Art Installation is guaranteed not to be repeated, neither can it be replicated for anybody, or by anybody.

Rule Number 2 – Performed for each Art Collector personally.

Eligibility is limited to the Birth Date of the owner. No second order can be accepted if the same birth date is involved. First come - first serve basis.

Rule Number 3 – A 100-year-old original oil painting builds an authentic framework.

Looking at the painting from any angle will provide the unique experience of century old art.

Rule Number 4 – The desired Scene of an Impressionist picture is painted right over it.

You will be the “Master of the Scene” that will be evolving.

Rule Number 5 – Masterclass Museum Quality.

Guaranteed to be as close to the original as desired.

Rule Number 6 – The artist identity will remain a Secret.

Admiring the Masterpiece of Art, or diving into it and taking a closer look at the back of the century old painting, its old frame and canvas will always provide reasons for ongoing conversations, and future speculations.

Rule Number 7 – The Art Installation is recorded irreversibly in the official Art Installation Registry.

The original owner’s and the artists’ dates of birth are recorded. All legal transfers are registered.

Rule Number 8 – Unique Digital Art-NFT is created.

A “one off” is created by our award-winning Digital Masters based on the two genuine oil paintings to be minted on the Blockchain.

Rule Number 9 – Available Provenance Documentation is provided.

Upon delivery of the original oil painting, all available documentation is handed over securely. Only the actual owner will know and can enjoy what is below the impressionist top layer surface and what is hidden from the eyes of the rest of the world!

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