Welcome to my world of art!

This is only a draft of the website (in the making) and the concept content. Some links are not yet active and there might be a number of typos which I would be happy to hear about. All this should be seen as the structure for the professional website which we will do with partners who can see the true potential for themselves in working with us producing videos, graphic art and showcase themselves and skills they may want to contribute to this project to attract clients for their work - without investing a penny. If you can see the potential, please read on.

You can be a part of the team and your services will be offered under my brand. You do not have any expenses and I will do all the marketing work. You will just demonstrate your skills and provide the work on a contract basis. My strategy will generate genuine orders for the services I now seek experts for, and you can have ongoing business without the need to market your own art, product, or services. You will act as a part of my team on projects that I will receive from clients.

How to start working with me.

You first decide for the task you are an expert in:
• Digital Artists with skills to generate an Art-NFT
• Skills to create and maintain an online art collection with investment potential
• Skills to create a fully-fledged walk-through virtual gallery
• Project Marketing and Community Management
• Preceptors with the skills to personally educate newcomers on the above subjects
• Website development and Graphic work

(1) You will have to provide a summary
This should be about yourself and your skills, of your experience and capabilities which should be about 150 words or so for me to use in publications.

(2) You will provide either a picture of yourself, or an avatar
I will publish in the literature and the website that will be online shortly and link this on our website to the text you provided and the work you will do within this project.

(3) You will have to provide proof of your skills
This should demonstrate relevant work you can perform for me and my clients. We will have to have your permission to publish this summarized on the website and in our literature as a reference for potential clients to see what they can expect if they decide that you should perform certain tasks for their Art Installation or their project.

If what you provide will match what I described and the skills I need for this project, then we will have a contractual arrangement for our general working relation and especially for cases in which you will directly deal with my clients.

Please provide (1), (2) and (3) above to get this going.

If you have questions, just email or call Maurice
Email wagneriviera@gmail.com | WhatsApp +4915771084065

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