Impressionist Art

Your desires painted back to your future

The unique sunlight and its intense colours – the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean, the Wedgewood blue skies, the emerald shade of its countryside, roofs of terracotta and ochre and fields of deep purple lavender of the South of France attracted many of the impressionist artists a century ago to travel the Provence, to live and work here permanently or just for a short time, but long enough to create a true masterpiece that to inspire future generations.

If you did not get the last bid in an auction, you now can have the genuine next best art experience created by a master exclusively for you, performed on top of the solid foundation of a century old oil painting. You now can own a century old piece of art and experience the impression of the masterpiece you always had the desire to enjoy and wanted to have in your own possession.

Your Art Installation can be even more personal since your desired impressionist is painted back into your very own future to inspire you and provide the beauty of the unique light and the colours on the Cote d’Azur, to bring back memories and touch on your emotions. This can be your very personal Art Installation created exclusively for you. Touch, feel and smell genuine impressionist art performed exclusively for you. This secret treasure you will hide from the eyes of rest of the world. An Art Installation like this has never been performed before by anybody else and can be your unique, once in a lifetime personal artwork with true potential for future value appreciation.

You can own the impressionist painting you always desired to have in your possession created by a master on a secret foundation hidden for ever from the rest of the world. It is truly for your eyes only. Only you know about its secrets and only you have access to it. Only you will have access to full provenance documentation.

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