This can be your strategy to explore the potential of new markets and to find the right clients!

Research, Markets & additional Revenue Models.
A team of experts has discovered profitable new markets for Art, Decoration and Design and developed winning strategies to conquer these markets. Discover the potential and request the development of your personal FREE-MASTERPLAN to instantly enter these new markets.

Let Marketing Experts create your Masterplan for free!

Which of these strategies and potential markets could interest you?


Your FREE MASTERPLAN will be developed based on any of the 23 Strategy Modules you can choose from. Discover and easily conquer most profitable alternative markets. You can choose any one of them and a team of professional Business Consultants will provide comprehensive market research, analysis, and provide professional recommendations to turn your strategy into your personal masterplan of action. This will help you instantly to profit from the potential of new markets. Get your personal masterplan of action for free!

Which strategy do you wish to follow to find new markets and clients?


Which of these issues should your Masterplan cover and provide solutions for?

  1. Which new target groups do I want to address? Are they private customers, companies, retailers, or other specific groups?
  2. How big is the market potential of these new target groups?
  3. What competitors already exist in the market for these target groups?
  4. What are the needs and expectations of these potential target groups? What kind of services or products would they expect from an interior decorator?
  5. What unique features or benefits can I offer these target groups?
  6. Which distribution channels do these potential customers prefer to use (e.g., online, retail, in-person)?
  7. How do the new target groups differ from my existing customers?
  8. How well do my current capabilities and offerings fit the needs of these target groups?
  9. Are there specific adjustments I would need to make to my offerings to meet their needs?
  10. What new products or services could I offer to expand my target groups?
  11. How could I motivate my existing clients to recommend my services to their friends and families?
  12. How will I present my services and what marketing strategies are best suited to appeal to my target audiences?
  13. Which sales channels are best suited for the new target groups? Should I focus on online sales, open a retail store, or aim for a combination of both?
  14. What marketing and advertising efforts would be effective in attracting the attention of the new target groups?
  15. Do I need to adjust my marketing strategy or use new channels to reach them?
  16. What resources, such as time, staff, and funding, are needed to effectively serve the new audiences? Can I provide these resources, or may I need to call on additional support?
  17. Are there possible partnerships or collaborations with other companies or professionals that could help me reach the new audiences and expand my services or products?
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