We collect, we paint, we create and generate genuine Impressionist Art of the next generation

We are Art Investor, Art Collector, and own a very personal Art Collection

Past and future merge in our unique Art Installation bringing both worlds together. Enjoy your once in a lifetime Art Installation exclusively performed for you and the possibility of converting it into digital art and value appreciation in the future. Your desired impressionist art performed for you exclusively on top of a hand painted museum quality masterpiece. Our PROTECTIVE LAYER will cover for ever a 100-year-old original oil painting. The ultimate disappearance of a genuine piece of art creates space for new art. A century old oil painting will hide from all eyes for ever and provides the foundation created long ago for your desired very own favourite French impressionist performance. Hand painted close to the original as can be, reflecting the unique light and atmosphere that can only be found on the Cote d’Azur which inspired these famous artists to create masterpieces that will remain to be adored by generations to come.

SCENE 1 -5 (instructions)

Digital master artists convert your Art Installation into the art of the future and generate an NFT on the Blockchain for you to also enjoy the presence in the new digital world of galleries, museums, and the way of collecting art.

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