An Art Installation like this has never been performed before - by anybody.

A hyper unique Art Installation with unseen potential. If you are not just driven by emotions, but the desire to own art with investment potential, then here is your unique, onetime opportunity. A very personal Art Installation created exclusively for you. It is absolutely limited and for your eyes only, to become your once in a lifetime personal treasure.


You will be provided with a 100-year-old masterpiece. A genuine oil painting builds the basis of your personal and once in a lifetime Art Installation creating unique art for future value appreciation.

Master artists hand paint on top of century old artwork. This new top layer will cause the original picture to hide forever and make room for your unique French Impressionist oil painting.

Your desired Impressionist picture is hand crafted with oil paint on 100-year-old canvas in incredible museum quality and as close to the original masterpiece as can be.

You collect your Art Installation on the Cote d’Azur with extensive provenance documentation. Alternatively, we can arrange safe shipping from the Cote d'Azur to you.

Based on the two original paintings, digital masters create an NFT which you will also own on the Blockchain to start your digital Art-NFT collection, or even a virtual gallery on the Metaverse.

An Art Installation exclusively performed for you. It is very personal and you can be eligible for this only "Once in your Lifetime"!

Own your 2-layer genuine oil painting

Enjoy physical possession of a Masterpiece

Start your NFT-Art on the Blockchain

To see what you may be eligible for, request a fully-fledged descriptive summary of your very personal "Once in a Lifetime" Art Installation from our curators.

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