Your chance to earn big - even on contacts you did not turn into an actual client.

We deal in 100-year-old oil paintings. If you refer a cash rich owner or a buyer of a Villa, a Penthouse, a Yacht, an Aircraft, or a Supercar to our website to see our paintings with investment potential, you quickly build up a very significant second income with the potential to become your major one.

No selling – just have your contacts visit our website!

Make this your personal cash machine! Our paintings sell from Euro 2.500 to Euro 50,000. Anyone using your Reference Code will be eligible for a 10% discount and you instantly earn 10% Referral Fee.

You will even get paid Euro 1.00 for each website visitor requesting a free offer!

Any individual or Company with money to spend on luxury items can be our client and make you money!

Refer your contacts to our website!

Our Art Installations are very personal and extremely limited to assure the pleasure of owning unique, century old museum quality art, with potential for incredible future value appreciation. See what we sell in this 1-minute video. Unmute to hear sound and explanation.

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