Scarce Resources assure exciting potential

The availability of century old art, hand painted on canvas, is obviously limited. Anything painted today can become and feel a century old only in another one hundred years from now. Based on the principles of scarcity and assured of constantly dwindling availability, this unique Art Installation assures investment potential also in the dynamically growing futuristic NFT Art Investment Market.

The limited number of available genuine century old oil paintings from artists of a past century is the heart of the installation. Availability is guaranteed to diminish and become scarcer with every Art Installation performed.


Latest technology empowers you to keep your treasure secure and you make you to be the master gate keeper of your very own unique pieces of art. You decide who can have access, enjoy, and share your private and very personal physical art installation. You can hold all the keys to your very own private Art Installation, for both, the physical and century old, and the futuristic NFT on the Blockchain.

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