Step 6 Collecting and selling NFTs

The urge to collect is a desire that can be traced back to childhood. If you ever collected Stamps, Pokémon cards sneakers or Paintings, there is always someone bidding on that ultra-rare object which completes their collection. NFTs may only exist online, but they are collectibles just like that. As it is in the analogue world, the dynamic behind digital collection is just the same. There is more demand for anything that is rare. Scarcity combined with demand guarantees rising value. It does not matter whether you’re talking about an Impressionist painting or a blockchain token. You can continue to collect. You don’t have to sell. But if you want to sell, depending upon the platform you are using, you do not have to set a price, but you can. You are given the option to wait for buyers and sell at a fixed price or wait for offers. There is something like a “Dutch Auction” where you start with a high price that gradually decreases over time. The first person to accept the price wins.
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