Email Marketing Campaign to sell Art ( Monthly Budget Euro 1200 )

JOB-H-1: EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN TO SELL ART (Euro 1200) We are an art company seeking to launch a new art concept as described here CLIENTS LANDING PAGE and
We seek somebody with experience in marketing Art via Email, capable of creating content that sells. You should develop the email content, develop the campaign details, and allocate the right addresses to be contacted. We need to have immediate tangible and measurable results within each of the 4 weeks of the upcoming month of September. We can do the actual mailing through an email platform that we are subscribed to or consider other methods that may be more suitable and promising.
WE SEEK TO ATTRACT BUYERS: Art Lovers, Art Buyers and Art Investors. Targeted Locations: Europe, UAE, USA and Australia (or as to your recommendations) Total monthly budget is limited to Euro 1200 Test period: 4 weeks September 2022 (1) Initial discussion to get familiar with the concept and requirements. (2) Thereafter you will design the strategy to be approved by us. If your proposal is competitive and acceptable: (3) We provide a special landing page and links for your activities (4) Once approved you will start your activities and handle necessary tasks related to that starting from September 1 through September 30,2022.
What would be your total service package and the different tasks that you would provide and how much would go directly to you and which part is for buying addresses or sending the emails(if not done through our own platform)? We prefer to work with people with whom we can have a personal once a week online meeting via WhatsApp or Zoom to discuss progress and find eventually required changes. If successful we will continue month by month, possibly with an increased budget.
If you have any questions, please call. If this job is for you, please provide your written offer now. J. (Maurice) Wagne – The R.T. of Living WhatsApp +4915771084065 | Phone +33(06) Email
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