Step 5 Mint your NFT

If you create or own an NFT it must be added to the blockchain. This process is called “minting”. You do that on your favourite online trading platform like OpenSea. Before uploading, or “minting” an NFT, you must create a collection. That’s basically a folder where you will upload your NFT(s) to. It is vital o chose an outstanding name. The name of your collection is the first thing potential buyers are going to see. Think of it as your chance to stand out in a crowded marketplace. To validate the process, you will have to verify your wallet. Now you can add and upload the (new) file you want to turn into an NFT and name and describe the NFT. Hitting “CREATE” starts the minting process and after confirming this step, the NFT will appear in your wallet. You can make an NFT out of pretty much anything, even a tweet, a GIF or a photo, a video, or digital artwork. The only limitation is copyright. You must own the rights to mint the material or have permission to use it.
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