We are connecting the traditional way of Art Collecting with the future.

Today we are facing another true milestone in history. With digitalization, new ways to generate and to collect art emerge. Looking at history of creating and collecting art over thousands of years, there was not much of an evolution in the technical side of art creation. But now, everything changes and advancing at every increasing pace as never seen in history before. There was no Google before September 4, 1998. But look at how quickly and drastically our behavioural environment has changed in less than 25 years. Nobody should be surprised that generating art and collecting art will change in the very near future. Possibly already in this generation - completely.

WagneRiviera.art is the next generation art company on the French Riviera aiding you to enter the future world of art collecting - already today. Our hyper exceptional Art Installation is the first step for collectors into rapidly evolving new type of art performance which will fundamentally change how galleries and museums work and visionaries collect tomorrow.

Physical possession of one hundred-year-old genuine art combined with radical ideas of performing art and beaming masterpieces into the future using digital art is what we stand for. We are connecting the traditional way of Art Collecting with a not so distant, but completely changed future of the art.

Little values will remain unchanged – as mankind adopts to the future almost at the speed of light.

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